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Something About Wrist Weights Exercises

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Wrist weights are typically made of elastic material or cloth and attach to your body with fabric fastener straps. They're filled with substances such as sand or weighted bars made of metal or synthetic material. While this style of wrist weight is acceptable for daily use, it can be cumbersome and won't necessarily work if you want to wear it with your dress clothes to work. Instead, consider a wrist weight that is designed to look like a bracelet. These weights will help you tone your muscles but will blend in better than the traditional style.


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Wrist weights commonly weigh up to 3 pounds, but when you are selecting a weight to wear during everyday life, stick to a lighter weight, at least until you get accustomed to the feeling. Try a 1-pound weight to see if it provides some resistance while still allowing you to move freely. If a 1-pound weight isn't enough, try 1.5 or 2 pounds. Some wrist weights are adjustable, allowing you to add and remove weights to customize the overall weight.


Doing regular exercise needs enough devotion without making it more difficult with extra weights, right? An overweight person already carries too much weight for their skeleton. But if you have reached a certain level of fitness and are very short of time, wearing ankle or Wrist weights may speed up your training provided they are used with proper caution and awareness. 


Wear weights while walking, jogging, running, sprinting, step aerobics, cycling, swimming, kick boxing, karate, and even treadmill exercise to accelerate weight loss, strength, and endurance. Avoid keeping weights on too long. It is hard on the body to carry extra weight all day (or all night) so don't keep them on for the entire day or sleep with them on.


Despite their benefits, Wrist weights aren't suitable for every form of exercise. But they're effective for such exercises as walking, aerobics and step aerobics. However, they're not ideal during more vigorous exercises, such as running. Using wrist weights can dramatically cause you to change your rhythm. You may, for example, pump your arms more vigorously, which could eventually lead to injuries because of added strain to your muscles, ligaments and joints of your wrists, arms and shoulders.

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