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Some Tips On Eating After A Workout

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Before working out, your body needs fuel for energy. Since exercising weakens muscle and puts extra stress on bones, your body needs fuel after a workout, too, in order to replenish and repair. Getting the proper nutrition after working out helps lessen stress injuries, restore energy, and leaves you in a peak state for physical performance.

Eating After A Workout

Find your basic metabolic rate. Your BMR is what you use to calculate your calorie intake. It is based on your age, height, weight, and gender. Most calorie calculators use the Harris-Benedict equation to determine how many calories you should be eating every day.

Determine how active you are on a weekly basis. Calorie calculators also factor in your level of activity. If you are very active, for example, with hard exercise almost every day of the week, you may need to consume more calories than if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, where you do little to no activity. 

Use your BMR and your fitness goals to determine your calorie intake. You can put all of the above information in calorie counting tool that will estimate your required calories per day, based on your BMR, available here. Once you have your estimated calorie intake, consider how you will reduce or increase your calorie intake per day based on your fitness goals.

Create a workout diet based on your calorie intake. Use your estimated BMR, minus or plus 500 calories based on your fitness goals, to create meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as post workout meals. Always eat at least three meals a day, and balance out the protein, vegetables, and healthy fats on your plate to maintain a healthy diet.

Make post-workout meals that are high in protein and carbohydrates. You should eat a meal that balances protein and carbohydrates within two hours of your workout. If you are training as an athlete and are doing a weight training workout, you should eat a meal high in nutrient-rich carbs right after you have finished your workout. Your body is in recovery mode after a workout and this will help your body recover and will improve your muscle strength. 

Avoid foods high in fats and empty calories. Skip the french fries, cheeseburgers, chili-dogs, and pizza, as they will add fat to your body’s fat stores and slow down your digestion.[8] While fats do sustain energy, they are less effective when eaten before and after workouts.

Drink water instead of sports drinks. Drinking lots of water post-workout will help your body recover and stay hydrated. You should only have sports drinks if your workout required you to sweat out a lot of electrolytes or you are doing intense training for more than 60 minutes. Water, coupled with a banana for potassium, is the best option for quenching your thirst and replenishing the electrolytes you released through your sweat.

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