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How To Clean And Maintain Outdoor Tents

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When selecting outdoor equipment, we focus on the reliability of the equipment. Only when equipment is reliable, can experience give you a more pleasure memory. We often say that if you want to go out and let equipment at your disposal, you have to treat your equipment well when you are at home.


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The first thing to do is to buy a new tent. Tents are rain-proof, which naturally needs some plastic materials for coating, or composite. So there is a plastic smell in the tent, which is sometimes poisonous. However, at present, it seems that the country has not yet made clear the standard for the release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC in tents. Therefore, when new tents are bought home, they must not be packed. It is better to stay at home and open windows for about 3 days. In general, the taste can be reduced in 3-4 days by more than half. At this time, you can also check the tent to see if there is a leak of stitches and pressure glue.



A lot of friends who have been through scampering will find that some tents feel great when they go in, clean, feeling particularly comfortable, and some tents obviously feel dirty, and the taste has a kind of indescribable bad smell. In fact, it may not be that the tent users do not care, but the tent maintenance is not right. The most common thing we need to notice about a tent is that it should be dried every time it was used. The main purpose of drying is to dry the tent and prevent moisture. The moisture comes first from our breathing and condensed dew, which drains about 300-400CC 's water, some of it into the air, through overnight breathing and sweat evaporation.



 Another part of the tent surface is waterproof, resulting in condensation on the tent surface, coupled with temperature difference, the tent is easy to condensation dew. There are cooking and boiling water steam and so on, as well as rain, snow, fog and other weather caused by precipitation. In order to get up early, packing up tents is usually early. Therefore, the water can not be drained clean. The smell of mildew is hard to get rid of. Even if a time to remove clean, once the weather, taste will soon return to nine. Therefore, it is best to absolutely avoid mildew.


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Also, sometimes we find that the waterproof properties of tents seem to be getting bad. Why? This is because the external accounts were initially waterproofing, like lotus leaves, where droplets can roll quickly without leaving any trace. However, after a few times of Rain Water or long time use, this kind of anti-water performance will be lost, leading to the Rain Water directly begin to permeate, and finally permeate through the waterproof membrane. Therefore, remind hikers to timely recovery of the tent surface water-proof performance. There are two ways. One way is to use the external surface of the ironing, low temperature, such as silk for ironing, so as not to damage the pressure glue. And we suggest that it is best to underlay a layer of cotton cloth to prevent adhesion.



Finally, the cleaning of the tent should be mentioned. What if the tent is dirty? Especially when we come back from the beach, there seems to be no clean sand in the tent. Or if it rains and the tent is covered with mud, then it has to be thoroughly cleaned, so how do you clean the tent?



 The best way is to keep the tent open in the bathroom with a shower head and gently brush it with a small brush. If necessary, put a little neutral detergent for cleaning. Be sure to spray with cold water. Do not use hot water. If there is not enough space in the bathroom, you can clean the floor without supporting the pole.



It is important to remind travelers that the tents should never be washed in the washing machine, because the fabric of the tents is waterproof, which not only cannot be cleaned clean, but also can easily cause damage to the washing machine. At the same time washing machine in the process of rapid mixing will also the tent pressure glue damage.



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