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Game Room Must-Haves

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Game Room Must-Haves

Nothing screams "fun" like a game room at home. Dress up your game room like a casino, sports bar, space-age game center or pool hall. You do not have to break the bank to achieve a completely themed look. Items like neon signs, retro wall décor and even old-fashioned popcorn machines can be found at your local craft or home goods stores. We’ve got a few ideas for an ultra-modern game room make over that will blow your friends and neighbors away.

game room at home

Sports Spirits

If sports are your style, cover the walls with signature jerseys and game photos, and install a few rows of stadium-style chairs in front of the big screen TV. When watching the sports game, drink a cup of ice beer together with a box of popcorn, then you will definitely experience a exciting game hour and even feel on the scene.

In addition, instead of pool, offer foosball, a hockey tabletop game or a basketball hoop in the game room. What is better than playing sports games in person? Click the picture, and you can get what you want immediately.

foosball table


For video game fanatics, mount flat-screen TVs on the wall to provide optimal viewing for players and spectators alike. If you’re planning to instal a game system that allows for multi-players or full-body game play, it is helpful to mount the monitor away from the action to keep adequate room to participate. Or else you may get hurt, as when immersing in the game, especially some action games, you are likely to put forth your strength to control your gamepad and bump into others.

And remember, before you begin your high-tech game room remodel, ensure that Wi-Fi and cable installation can be integrated into the walls or cabinets for a clean, visually appealing look. Plan to install all technical components in an accessible cabinet or panel for easy maintenance and upgrades.

game room at home


Families with younger children are likely to consider maximizing space for family activities when planning to decorate a game room. Bright colors, sturdy furniture and plenty of storage for toys and games are all significant elements of a kid-friendly game room. A wall of shelves or rows of bins to hold games can help keep things organized after the playing time. Playful rugs printed with planet designs, maps, puzzles can add to the playfulness and interactivity of the room. You can even carve out an easy-to-clean zone specifically for messy activities, such as crafts and painting.

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