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Five Tips In Winter Outdoor Exercise

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Winter is coming, cold weather can’t stop people doing outdoor exercise. But it really bring troubles to us. Here are some tips you should attention when you do outdoor exercise in winter.


When the body is exposed to cold environments, the elasticity and stability of the body's muscles, tendons and ligaments will be greatly reduced, which is an important reason why it is difficult to achieve excitement and our body is easy to get injury in winter. If you're going for running outdoor, the easiest way to warm up your muscles is to take a hot bath or do some simple body warming indoors.



For winter running, your hands and feet may be the ones most in need of protection. According to scientific statistics, 30 % of the heat in winter outdoor sports is lost from your bare hands. Once the body's core temperature is below 35 °C, the skin contracts to limit the loss of heat from the body and guide blood to internal organs. Therefore, you need to wear a pair of warm windproof gloves when you go out for exercise.



In the snow day, the snow will turn into a dazzling reflective plate under the shining of sun. Long period of strong light stimulation, may cause snow blindness, people will feel dizzy, even the eyes will become red and swollen, can’t stop tears. Therefore, we suggest that if you choose to run during snow day, wear dark sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays from overstimulating your eyes.


The innermost clothes are used for perspiration. To make sweat quickly volatilized or transmitted through clothes, it is generally light polyester or silk personal clothing. Then wear the clothes made from warm materials such as polyester or special polyester grabbing velvet, used to warm the body when the weather is cold. The wear the Windproof jacket to protect our body from cold wind and snow.



Due to the low temperature outside in winter, cold air can cause people feel a pain in the chest when breathing, and cold air enters the trachea and throat in large quantities, which can easily cause cough, bronchitis, and abdominal pain.Therefore, at the beginning of running, you should breathe through your nose, because there are abundant blood vessels in the nasal cavity that can raise the temperature of the passing air.


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