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Do You Know These Rumor About Workout

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Girls always don't want to exercise muscle, because they don't want to become muscle women. Boys are more suitable for workout. What du you think?  There are many rumor about workout. Actually, muscle is not easy to exercise, it needs a lot of training and regular diet and rest.

Muscle growth reduces flexibility and speed

Correct idea: in fact, most athletes need strength training, because the growth of physical endurance, explosive force and speed is essentially inseparable from muscle growth. Only when the muscles are too strong can the body slow down. What is too strong? You can lift twice as much as you weigh before you talk about it -- of course, I don't think you need to talk about it anymore.



Running increases calf muscles

Correct idea: incorrect running posture just can increase crus muscle. See "running, how to run? A book. This book is the best running tutorial I have ever read. Some people find their calves and thighs thicken immediately after running. I tell you, that is the leg ministry after taking exercise only hyperemia, bring about muscle distension just, pass 10 hours or a few days to reduce to original state immediately running for a long time is to be able to increase crus muscle slightly, because the nutrition absorption of this place also can be better after hyperemia. But muscle growth is much slower than fat loss.



Exercising for more than 40 minutes in a row can reduce fat/exercise requires sweating

Correct idea:the nature of fat loss isn't that complicated. It's that you burn more calories than you take in, and you burn calories whenever you exercise. Anaerobic exercise can reduce fat, the same time, the most efficient fat reduction exercise is HIIT(high intensity anaerobic interval exercise)!



 Local fat loss vs. local weight loss

Correct idea: local thin body is existence in fact, but local reduce fat to do not exist, decrease fat is whole body fluctuation decreases together.

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