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Do You Know The Mistakes Of Exercise

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Some people consist of the wrong exercise habits for a long time because of their lack of understanding of the nature of exercise, their own physiological stage and safety exercise, or because they have a wrong understanding of exercise, that make it difficult to achieve the exercise goal, even caused other physical injuries. Here are some mistake we should when exercising.



Taking a large amount of exercise, a large intensity of exercise at the beginning

Our body is difficult to adapt a large number of exercise in a short time,it will appear serious fatigue, aches or old disease, even cause hamstring, muscle strain. The correct exercise method is: starting from a small amount of exercise and a simple action, so that the body has a process of adaptation. This process is also called a fatigue period. It is about half a month, and then gradually increases the amount of exercise, increases the amount slowly.



Try all the fitness equipment for the first time

In fact, there is absolutely no need to try all the fitness equipment at the beginning. That both takes up a lot of time, and because of the sudden excessive amount of exercise, the body appear sore, making normal exercise difficult to consist in. The right way is to ask your fitness coach, depending on your situation, make an suitable exercise plan and plan your fitness plan step by step.



Exercise and you can lose weight even don’t keep on a diet

Keeping exercise but don’t keep on a diet can’t lose weight, high-calorie food like cola,candy, cakes will make your exercise come yo naught. So if you want to lose weight, the best way is to combine exercise and diet.



Exercise on an empty stomach is bad for health

The research show that, do fitting exercise such as walk, dance, jog 4-5 hours after meals( namely an empty stomach ) is benefit for losing weight. Because there is no new fatty acid come into our body, so that is easier to burn off excess fat. The result of losing weight is better than 1-2 hours after meals.


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