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Do You Know The Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise

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Aerobic exercise refers to the state of aerobic metabolism to do exercise, exercise for a long time, so that the heart (blood circulation system), lung (respiratory system) get sufficient and effective stimulation, improve the heart, lung function. Body's tissues and organs get good oxygen and nutrition supply, maintain the best functional status, it is also known as cardiovascular activities. Aerobic exercise includes:running,swimming,cycling,Jump rope,yoga,gymnastics,Light manual labor,Experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week. Brisk walking or swimming is an example of moderate activity. Running or biking is an example of active activity.



Improve cardiovascular health

Aerobic exercise is recommended by the American heart association and most doctors for people with or at risk of heart disease. This is because exercise strengthens your heart and helps it pump blood into your body more efficiently.



Reduce chronic pain

If you have chronic back pain, cardiovascular exercise - especially low-impact activities such as swimming or water aerobics - can help restore muscle function and endurance. Exercise can also help you lose weight, which can further reduce chronic back pain



Improve sleep

If you can't sleep at night, try cardiovascular exercise while awake. A study of individuals with chronic sleep problems showed that regular exercise combined with sleep hygiene education was an effective treatment for insomnia.



Loss weight

You may have heard that diet and exercise are the cornerstones of weight loss. However, aerobic exercise alone may help to lose weight and maintain it.




Enhanced the immune system 

Regular and moderate aerobic exercise increases the level of certain antibodies in the blood called immunoglobulin. This ultimately strengthens the immune system. The sedentary women showed no improvement in immune system function, and their cortisol levels were significantly higher than those in the active group




It's safe for most people, including the ords 

Aerobic exercise is recommended for most people, even older people with chronic diseases. The key is to work with your doctor to find out what works best for you and is safe in your particular situation.



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